The Rheumatology Podcast is a bimonthly conversation between of three board-certified, clinical rheumatologists in private practice. The purpose is to provide a platform for the discussion of the science, art, technology, finances, and politics of the modern rheumatology practice.

The podcast is by and for rheumatologists. The conversation assumes a working knowledge of clinical rheumatology. It is a sounding board for brainstorming new ideas and hashing out the finer details of the practice. It is not polished medical knowledge and is not medical advice. It is not intended for patients.


Listening to this podcast does not constitute the formation of a doctor-patient relationship.

As we care about science and truth rather than marketing and bureaucracy, we will discuss off label uses of medications.


Michael Laccheo

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Paul Sufka

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  2. Did unpaid consulting for the MyRA app.

Suleman Bhana

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