Episode 2 prep

We will be recording Episode 2 soon. The main topic will be the management of gout in light of a new VA based study by Dr. Thomas Taylor titled Initiation of Allopurinol at First Medical Contact for Acute Attacks of Gout: A Randomized Clinical Trial. The background literature for this will be the prior gout treatment guidelines from EULAR, the BSR, and the ACR.

Where publically available, we've included the PDF of the article below.

You certainly don't have to read the articles ahead of time, but it might make it more enjoyable.



  1. Taylor TH, Mecchella JN, Larson RJ, Kerin KD, Mackenzie TA. Initiation of allopurinol at first medical contact for acute attacks of gout: a randomized clinical trial. Am J Med. 2012;125(11):1126–1134.e7.
  2. Khanna D, Khanna PP, Fitzgerald JD, et al. 2012 American College of Rheumatology guidelines for management of gout. Part 2: Therapy and antiinflammatory prophylaxis of acute gouty arthritis. Arthritis Care Res. 2012;64(10):1447–1461.
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